We Believe.

At Christian Gladu Design, we believe that sustainable, energy efficient homes connect you to your environment, elevating your daily life. Our creative discovery process reveals the design elements that make your home functional, inspirational and a delight to you every day.

When you choose Christian Gladu Design, you get more than a home for living. You get a home for life.

Our Process

We design your home to compliment and elevate the way you live. Through a creative discovery process, we get to know you, your project and the design elements that will make your home functional and inspirational while delighting you every day.

The foundation: Discovery and research are the foundation of a creative design process. Understanding the fixed parameters, goals and context of the project will determine the form and aesthetic of your home.

Collaboration powers creativity: From the onset of each project, we work with the client and contractor to design every home with an integrated process that carefully balances aesthetics, health, durability, energy efficiency  and cost by leveraging the team’s collective knowledge and experience.

Meticulous craftsmanship: As meticulous craftsmen, we pay attention to the building orientation, forms, architectural details and finishes that distinguish our work.

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