Why choose us:

There are a multitude of decisions to make when designing a new home. Hiring a residential design firm that understands the personal nature of the process and end product can mean the difference between your home build being a long, arduous process or an exciting, life changing adventure.

At Christian Gladu Design we offer a level of personalized service that you won’t find at a conventional firm.

Values: We design homes for life. Our designs reflect the unique story as well as the values that each customer shares with us.

Discovery: Discovery is the gateway to design. Great homes are a product of a holistic design approach. Asking the right questions, doing the research, and understanding the parameters reveals the unique elements that each project holds.

Design: The difference between a house and a home is the meaning it has for the people who live in it. Building forms, the creation of spaces, and connection to the environment are responses to the following questions: What do you need? How do you want to live? Where do you live?

Sustainability: How you design is essential to creating a healthy, energy efficient, and sustainable home. Through collaboration and team work, we generate goals for the project and work together to meet the efficiency and environmental goal for every client.

Budget: An essential part of design is establishing a budget’s possibility and then designing a home that meets the budget. Our team collaborates with the owners and the contractors to ensure that the project meets the estimated budget.

Knowledge: Building and design are in a constant state of change.  We are always evaluating new materials and methods that best work for longevity, efficiency, and health.

When you choose Christian Gladu Design, you get more than a home for living. You get a home for life.