Our Services:

Combining the art of design with the science of building takes a well-rounded design team. With over 20 years of experience in residential design, our unique implementation of the integrated design process in conjunction with our state of the art BIM cad software; ensures that your home is beautiful, functional, and meets your budget.

At Christian Gladu Design we have developed a creative, technically savvy, design studio dedicated to designing your home for the way you live. Three dimensional walk through and video conferencing allows us to work seamlessly with customers down the street or across the country; and our attention to detail and extensive experience and training in green building and design are an asset to any new home project.

Pre-Purchase Consulation

Results begin with understanding where to start.

Are you thinking about making an offer on a piece of land for a new home build or purchasing a home that requires renovation before it meets your needs? Our team of seasoned professionals can help. For years Christian Gladu Design has helped homeowners, builders, and realtors evaluate potential projects prior to purchase. Our staff can show you the possibilities and guide you in a manner that ensures you know what you are getting into. We will visit the site, discuss your ideas and goals for the property, brainstorm solutions, and decide whether your goals for the project will:

  • Meet the needs of your design criteria.
  • Work within the confines of building codes, zoning ordinances, and homeowners associations.
  • Be constructed within your budget.

If you decide to move forward with the project we can fast track the process by beginning the design, selecting a contractor, and (in some cases) submitting for a building permit; all before the property closes.

Feasibility Study

Knowledge is power in the design business.

To unlock the potential of any project you need to first understand what you have to work with and the possibilities. Though a detailed discovery process we will uncover and explore the information you need to fully understand what is possible on your building site. Every feasibility study is tailored to our client’s specific needs and often includes answers to the following:

Are the site conditions favorable to construction?

  • How do the building and zoning codes affect where and what you can build?
  • What are the building setbacks, lot coverage, and height restrictions?
  • How will the homeowner’s association’s CC&Rs affect the design?
  • Is the scope of the project in line with the budget?
  • Will solar panels work on my site?
  • What site utilities are available and which ones need to be developed?

The team at Christian Gladu Design knows the questions to ask and has the connections you need to ensure a successful assessment of your property.

Sustainable Design & Energy Modeling

We choose to actively participate in the betterment of our world.

At Christian Gladu Design we are concerned with the future and choose to actively participate in the betterment of our world. We recognize that construction is energy and resource intensive so we evaluate each project employing our 8 Environmental Principles. We apply simplicity, sensibility, affordability and collaboration in the implementation of all principles creating integrated, economically viable solutions for your home. Sustainable design and green building practices are evolutionary and through research, education and hands on experience we develop solutions that work for your budget, the climate and project goals.

8 Environmental Principles

Affordability: Design to the owner’s budget and ensure low cost of maintenance and operation
Conservation: Use less energy for heating and cooling; build less and consume fewer natural resources
Smart Design: Design for need and focus on simple low-tech solutions
Energy Efficiency: Work with the sun, super insulate, passively cool and use fixtures and appliance that are Energy Star Rated
Materials: Use healthy, durable, renewable and recycled materials
Regionalism: Design to the given climate, context and for social longevity
Renewable Energy: Harness the sun, wind and water for energy generation
Water: Reduce consumption with low flow fixtures, living strategies, and drought tolerant landscape. Capture and reuse site water for human consumption and site irrigation.

Below are a list of services we might employ on any given project:

  • Solar site evaluation
  • Energy modeling
  • Indoor air quality
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Material evaluation
  • Research
  • Passive house consulting
  • Material specification
  • Systems development
  • Recycling and re-use strategies
  • Building science reviews
  • Living strategies
  • Construction waste management

“Sustainability is the act of consciously creating continual positive change that ensures we indefinitely provide a vibrant habitat that equitably meets the needs of all generations and species.” – Christian Gladu

As certified Passive House Consultants we understand the importance of designing for your region and climate. We focus on designing high performance building envelopes, renewable energy sources, and efficient mechanical systems. We site our projects to take full advantage of passive solar and cooling strategies. Our integrated design approach, in conjunction with our 3-dimenional BIM modeling system, allows us to run multiple scenarios regarding how we can construct your home to save energy. We simultaneously weigh the cost of construction against the potential energy savings and find the perfect balance between efficiency and economics.

Interior Design

We use color, material, light, and texture to create living spaces that honor our client’s story.

Interior design is a crucial step in the process of turning your house into a home. Color, material, light and texture are the tools we use to create living spaces that honor our clients’ stories while setting the stage for happiness and success in the next chapters of their lives. As part of our integrated approach, we create a vision of the interior early in the design process ensuring a cohesive connection between the interior, exterior, and site.

Interior Design Services we provide include:

  • Color Selection
  • Materials Selection
  • Lighting Design
  • Space Planning
  • Kitchen Design
  • Bath Design
  • Millwork Design

Custom Homes

Great design begins with good communication and a clear vision.

At Christian Gladu Design we ask questions and conduct the research required to fully understand your site, its parameters, and the elements that will define “Home” for you and your project prior to beginning design. 

Our integrated approach leverages the site location and project program to create a sum much greater than it parts. Successful projects result from a collaborative team approach which includes the clients, contractor, and designer.

The design process is the key to creating a successful project. During design we create the visual and spatial elements of the home while establishing the components that define the sustainability, energy efficiency, and the budget for the project.

At Christian Gladu Design we believe that the value in design is understanding how your finished home will look and feel, as well as what your home will cost to build and operate before you begin construction.